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Needle Crafts for Relieving Stress Needlecraft Projects for Fun Needle Crafting: Quick Guide
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Needle Crafts for Relieving Stress

There’s nothing quite so calming as needle crafts for relieving stress. Stress is the common denominator in a large number of medical ailments. Controlling stress in patients is a high priority for most medical professionals. While some people choose to change their lifestyle or take prescription drugs, others choose to take up a hobby to […]

needlecraft projects for fun and profit

Needlecraft Projects for Fun & Profit

As a needle crafter I get a special thrill when someone picks up one of my needlecraft projects and says, “Wow! What great work!” It’s almost like someone admiring a newborn baby. The needlecraft projects are my babies … and I love it when people are wow’d by the detail I’ve put into it. Being raised in […]

Needle Crafting: Quick Guide

Needle Crafting is an art form that has been handed down through the centuries and is still popular today. In the needle craft world there are four main types of crafts that people can learn. Each one is a different skill level and offers a different style and type of project to create. Depending on […]

Patchwork Quilt

Patchwork Quilting for Beginners

08 October 2011

Quilting has become a popular craft over the years, especially patchwork quilting. It gives a person the chance to create a work of art using fabric and some thread. The practice of quilting has been around for centuries and comes in many shapes and forms. Patchwork quilting is where small pieces of fabric, called quarters, […]

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Embroidery Tools and Supplies

08 October 2011

I would sit and watch my granny embroider with fascination. I think that’s where my love for needlecraft began. Of course, I’m limited to a few that I love to do … she could do everything. One of her favorite was embroidery. In this post we’ll talk about a few of the embroidery tools and […]

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Knitting Terminology

Knitting Terminology You Should Know

06 October 2011

In the knitting world there are hundreds of different symbols and codes that are used in patterns and instructions. While some of these meanings are obvious, others are a bit more in depth. Knowing correct knitting terminology will help you be successful with your knitting projects. Here is a list of the most common knitting […]

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Love to Crochet

Love to Crochet? Me too!

06 October 2011

Crochet is a craft of the ages. With its roots set back in the late 1500s, crochet has traveled through time and around the world to be the modern craft we see today. Many people do not realize that there is a deep history surrounding crochet as well as many benefits that make it worthwhile. […]

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Creating a Patchwork Quilt

Creating a Patchwork Quilt – What You Need

05 October 2011

Creating a patchwork quilt is one of those craft projects that it is easy to get carried away with. You walk into a craft store and see the many different embellishments and fabrics that can be used and it is easy to want to go crazy. Knowing what are the essentials versus what are just […]

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Basic Knitting

Basic Knitting – What you Need to Get Started

01 October 2011

Knitting is a popular needlecraft today. If you love it like I do it is hard to fight the temptation of purchasing every needle, book and yarn in site. There are so many great opportunities with knitting, but first you need the basics to get started. Among those items includes yarn, needles, scissors, a sewing […]

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The Ancient Craft of Hand Embroidery

01 October 2011

Hand embroidery is the process of using delicate thread to decorate fabric. The craft originated in Egypt and Northern Europe where hand embroidered robes, dresses and bedding were reserved for the royal family. These intricate details were hand stitched using silk threads for added beauty. Embroidery adds a unique touch to any item whether it […]

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Basic Crochet

Basic Crochet: Anyone Can Do it

26 September 2011

Crochet is a method of creating thick fabric with yarn. It is also one of the most basic needlecrafts that a person can learn. Many people choose to learn basic crochet before attempting knitting or another type of needlecraft. Crocheting is fairly simple and only requires a crochet hook and yarn of your choice. Getting […]

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Knitting Hobby

How Knitting Became the Hobby of Choice

26 September 2011

Knitting is the craft process of forming a type of fabric by using yarn. It started out as a craft that many women learned in order to make clothing for the brutal winter months, but over the generations has become the hobby of choice instead. The Lowly Beginning of Knitting Knitting originated around the 3rd […]

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Getting Started with Needle Craft

4 Steps to Getting Started with Needle Craft

06 September 2011

Needle crafts can be a unique hobby that both decreases stress and is budget friendly. Additionally, as your talents grow, needle craft projects can be created as gifts for friends and family on holidays, birthdays, baby showers and bridal showers or sold at craft fairs for a profit. Getting started is easy and only takes […]

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